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THE STORY of 64 individuals who are buried at Catterick NORTH YORKSHIRE in the Military Cemetery HIPSWELL WW1 between 1915-1919

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The Project THE LOST 64 is about the service personal buried at Hipswell Church Yard 1916-1919




To find out as much as possible about the 63 men and 1 woman buried in the Commonwealth War Graves at St John the Evangelist, Hipswell, North Yorkshire.  We named the project the lost 64 catterick . The lost 64 catterick are buried at Hipswell ,the churchyard is the burial ground for soldiers from Catterick Camp later  renamed Catterick Garrison. Personal who died at local Military Hospitals at Catterick are buried here and some have remained from the First World War. Burials for service personal commenced around 1915 at the churchyard . There are the graves of 64  WW1 service personal. A screen wall lists those graves not marked by headstones. Although Catterick Camp was established in 1915 . It was  not until 1930 on the churchyard’s northern boundary, Catterick Garrison Cemetery was opened by the war office as a purpose made cemetery for the garrison. 

The deceased appeared to have had no obvious connection to the Parish.This website  is an attempt to explain how the deceased came to be buried here, who they were and where they came from. During the research the volunteers learnt the location of the WW1 hospitals at Catterick the names of many of the soldiers and what happened to them in Catterick and before they arrived at the camp and about their family connections.To our group they will always be the lost 64 catterick

The Image for the lost 64 catterick was designed by

Philip Knox a young team member, employee at A1 Community Works and after hours volunteer after many hours of searching for photographs of the lost 64 we only found one picture during the project

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