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Carol Gordon recommends A1 Community Works: "I was introduced to A1CW by a friend, who had undertaken a digital skills course. This is an amazing social enterprise company, covering the Hambleton, Richmondshire and Darlington areas. A1CW is a UK online centre and has international partners in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal Poland and Germany. It is a delivery partner for the Good Things Foundation and Better. Both Tanya and Karon are NLP Master Practitioners and trainers, specialising in empowerment and career development. An ‘all-inclusive community organisation, extremely welcoming to all…providing support and services for our ever-changing digital world… Ranging from how to turn on and use a PC, smartphone or tablet, to a CV writing service, advice and support for new and existing businesses, business promotion, how to undertake self-assessment tax returns online, register for VAT online and so much more. There is something here for everyone. Feel free to drop in and say “Hello” because this is also the home of Dexter the digital dog!!!"

This is me a Pawesome thank you

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Short history of the Census from the Domesday Book to the Online Census 2021.

The Digital Dog has walked through years from the Ziggurats of Mesopotamia and got sand in his paws to the Roman Empire and on through the ages to the Domesday Book.Dexter has looked at the last 200 years of the Census in England to 2021 . The Census has gone Online he is moving toward a Galaxy not far away.

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Its me the naughty beagle Dexter

Dexter made a new friend Belle the bloodhound. Belle comes to work with his owner Carol. Belle can scent anything. The dogs get jobs as digital explainers and are part of the A1 artificial intelligence art and writing project. More to follow

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