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Dexter was a weekly visitor to our offices,instead of a desk he was happier with his bed looking out through the glass door. He often sits there watching for our visitors.When not at the door he lies under the table dreaming about the information he is going to tell you about and any stories he can share. So the you can recognise him in the future he asked us to put on his blog his digital profile and ID. You will see him and hear from him when you see this sign.

Digital Dog wants to start with his introduction and has activated his first post for you to see

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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

There are sixty-four military graves dating from WW1 in St John's Church, Hipswell, Catterick Garrison.

The deceased appeared to have had no obvious connection to the Parish.

This publication is an attempt to explain how the deceased came to be buried here, who they were and where they came from.


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