Learn How to Generate Leads & Sales on Autopilot with Messenger Chatbots.

Build a Fully Functional Messenger Chatbot for your Business .. NO EXPERIENCE or EXPERTISE Required!

Messenger Chatbots are here and are the future of Online Marketing. This rapidly evolving technology is changing the way we do business online and presents an exciting, effective and instant way for customers and brands to interact.

It’s like having a chat with a friend on Facebook!

Chatbots are bringing a whole new dimension to marketing, sales and support. Now is the time to learn how to leverage this new digital technology in YOUR business.

Wondering what Messenger Chatbots can be used for?

Facebook Messenger Chatbots are helping people:

  • shop

  • order food online

  • provide answers to FAQ

  • provide customer support

  • generate sales

  • automatically interact with brands

  • and lots more!

PLUS … Chatbots & Messenger Are the New Email!

Facebook Messenger is now delivering open rates of up to 90% and click-through rates of up to 30%.

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Chatbots are like having super loyal staff members that work 24/7 and don’t require a salary!

What if you had a team member that never takes holidays? Never gets sick? Hardly ever makes mistakes? Never forgets important things? Does exactly as you need? Works 100% effectively all the time and never needs a salary? Would that make a difference to your business?

Well, setting up a CHATBOT makes it all possible!

HOWEVER… Chatbots need to be set up properly; otherwise, they can annoy your customers. This course will show you how to build a Facebook Messenger Bot, step-by-step, to help you generate leads and sales and increase engagement with your audience. PLUS… we will show you real Chatbot Blueprints that work for different industries.

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