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A 1 a journey

to a remote farm to deliver a smartphone a gift from Google to help more people get online as part of the Everyone Connected project. The Lead in the project is the Good Things Foundation A 1 is their partner in North Yorkshire. Together working to connect people who to date have no way of connecting to the internet a Google smartphone and a Three Mobile data sim card have made this possible for recipients to get online. A 1 have activated a number of smart phones and taken the phone out into the community usually we have left our office at Crabtree Hall and gone to Richmond or Northallerton with some stops nearby. For each person we have put together a digital goodie bag with apps installed so the phone was ready to be used. Other partners in towns and cities have been able to walk and deliver smart phones. A 1 and our Digital Dog were ready to go the extra mile. Dexter helped

us get ready in the office to and we set off after a lot of rain to deliver a smart phone to a farm south of Thirsk. Read our story here click the link and read the story in our new flipbook.

Click the link "here"

here are some hints about the journey

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