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Marjorie's Journey from the Safety of her Home part 1

Marjorie’s Journey from the safety of her Home

Digital Dog was asked to help Marjorie she felt she should digitally connect to her local church. Covid has meant that many of social group meetings run and held at the Methodist hall in Hutton Rugby were cancelled, she felt cut off from the church and her friends and was uneasy about meeting friends in case she caught the virus.

Marjorie is in her 80’s lives in a bungalow on the edge of the village, her garden is passion and she has changed a large lawn to borders and paths so she can mange the garden without help. Her garden has taken 13 years and is a haven for wildlife. She can sit and look at the birds who visit the many plants safely.

Digital Dog and his two friends at A1 arranged to meet Marjorie and take a selection of kit. They took laptops and tablets to see what Marjorie wanted before she spent any money and to show her how to get online safely. After our first visit we did 3 important things for Marjorie.

· 1. We tested the broad band speed for her post code

· 2. Marjorie had rung her telephone supplier and been quoted a figure of more than £60 p month to be online. We retested and found broadband at under £25., Marjorie ordered her broadband. After we chatted

· 3. We arranged to buy the tablet that was best for her, with a 10.3-inch screen We had the tablet delivered to our office and loaded some apps for her.


We were good to go returned to see Marjorie to connect her router and make sure the tablet was working and she was okay. This showed one small problem the broad band required a new connection to the house a new box for the internet connection. Marjorie has now arranged this. And is waiting for the engineer to call.

We spent some time with her using our mobile phone as a hot spot and she can connect to our website, has an active email account and can send an attachment. She is excited as her tablet has a truly clear screen and she can take pictures of her garden and share her garden with friends. and on our blog.

We will return to see Marjorie as soon as the engineer has called, Marjorie will then share her garden with you. Watch out for the next chapter for Marjorie as she takes on digital as an enjoyable experience. Marjorie is going to join our free flagship learning platform and learn how to pay bills order her prescription and shop online for her groceries. This the start of Marjorie’ s journey and she will keep Digital Dog up to date and he will share the news with you.

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