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Digital Champions for Community Success

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A1Community Works is a partner in the project, our European partners have visited our offices and we have been to Italy and Germany. COVID curtailed our visit to Cyprus. Each visit was to progress the project we have been able to move forward with the power of ZOOM


The Digital Champions for Community Success project brings together 5 partners from 4 countries in order to develop a Training package and Methodology to be used by adult educators and particularly by Trainers and Carers of vulnerable adults facing obstacles such as disabilities and/or learning differences, vulnerable adults with social obstacles: low-skilled migrants, long-term unemployed, elderly in care. Trainers and carers will be able to boost the impact of their work with the target communities and foster digital champions, who will work within their communities to support their peers.

In an age of digitalisation of almost every aspect of our everyday lives, these adults are even more isolated and either dependent on external help or just excluded from participation in society. Of course, the picture is not entirely catastrophic; there are provisions to assist vulnerable adults, but they are far from adequate.

Often, the approach is to solve their immediate needs instead of empowering them to solve their needs by themselves and have a sense of achievement.

Digital Champions for Community Success aims to create a Training Package for adult educators, trainers and carers who work with vulnerable adults in different communities.

The Training Package has three main aims:

  1. To be a self-learning tool for adult trainers and carers on how to design and implement effective strategies for enhancing the basic skills of vulnerable adults – digital, literacy and numeracy.

  2. To develop adult educators’ competencies to deal with diverse groups of learners, making use of new technologies and teaching outcomes – using online and offline adapted learning tools

  3. To embrace a new methodology of fostering “Digital Champions” when adult learners become support champions in their own communities, helping their peers and motivating them.

News Letter no 3.

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