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The Chair Jane Branch

CEO Tanya Cook BA Hons

Development Officer Karon Brown RD

John Fowles Volunteer

Community Grants  Tutor Julia Priestnall

Dexter The Digital Dog and Blogger

Tanya Cook BA Hons

Tanya has been involved with the company since its formation in 2003. First as a volunteer and then as an employee. She has been the CEO since 2012. Tanya is passionate about making a difference both in the community and for individuals. Her role is to find funding and build partnership but she also loves working with people and helping them get where they want to go.She is a master coach and an international digital champion working in Europe, she is the coordinator with partners in Germany,Cyp

Jane Branch Chairman

Jane has a sales and administrative background she was a team leader for a major USA company and brings these talents to the company. She has been our chair for a number of years and is a trustee for a local charity. She works locally to promote local community inclusion.ibe your image

Dexter The Digital Dog

My job is to bring news, puzzles and useful information to you


Karon has 10 years experience with the company, working to develop courses targeted at retiring soldiers and other members of the community who are looking for bespoke training. She is a retired lawyer with experience in sales negotiations, training, and property management. She is an NLP Trainer, master coach and an international digital champion working in Europe with partners in Germany,Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Poland and Portugal


John is a veteran whom we met initially when he completed The Good Things Foundation course " Learn by Way". John has a relaxed training style and has an encouraging, engaging manner with people he is our link in Catterick Garrison and service vetransyour image

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Julia is a welfare expert with more than 10 years of experience of helping people make and complete benefit claims. She is also a qualified bookkeeper and is our tutor delivering Community Grants in North Yorkshire

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