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Good Things Foundation

Fix The Digital Divide:

We're all for digital, so shouldn't digital be for all?

Good Things has launched a major national campaign that draws attention to digital exclusion.

and the incredible way people's lives change when they become digitally included.


Make digital a reality for all. #DigitalForAll

What is the National Databank?


In our digital age, internet access is necessary to stay connected with loved ones, access essential services,

and seize new study or job opportunities. 


Unfortunately, not everyone has equal access to the internet. Vulnerable individuals who are already experiencing multiple inequalities often struggle to afford it. 


Good Things Foundation is committed to ensuring everyone can benefit from internet connectivity through affordable and safe access. That's why they've created the National Databank. Imagine a food bank, but instead of food, it provides free mobile SIM cards for those who need internet connectivity. 


The National Databank is a solution for people experiencing data poverty or living on a low income. They can access mobile data from their local National Databank via their local member A1 Community Works, which is based near Bedale in North Yorkshire and will help you get and stay connected. For up to 6 months of free calls and texts in the UK or with a data aim card for up to 24 months 

How does it work? With the support of Virgin Media O2, Vodafone, and Three, the Good Things Foundation has created the National Databank. National Digital Inclusion Network members, like A1 CommunityWorks, can apply for data packages anytime. Once approved, National Digital Inclusion Network members receive, activate, and gift free mobile data to people in their community who need it most. 


This initiative is a step towards digital inclusion. Support the National Databank and help us ensure that everyone has equal access to internet connectivity. Together, we can bridge the digital divide and positively impact people's lives.


How to access free mobile data as a gift to a person in your community

A1 Community Works are based near Bedale, North Yorkshire; we want to help people in North Yorkshire access free mobile data. 

From the National Databank.

How do you get free mobile data for yourself or someone you know who needs help?


You can contact A1 for free and friendly help. 

Please note, to be eligible for free mobile data through the National Databank, you or someone you're helping must be:

18+ years old AND from a low-income household

AND/OR has no access or insufficient access to the internet at home

AND/OR has no or inadequate access to the internet when away from the home

AND/OR cannot afford their existing monthly contract or top-up

We will then explain what you have to do, ask for a few details to ensure you qualify and arrange the best way to give you access to your gifted SIM card.

If you or someone you know requires assistance, follow these steps to obtain free mobile data from the National Databank: Are you looking for free mobile data? Do you need data to stay in touch with family, study, apply for a job, or complete an online application form to access local services? The SIM card may be the way forward for you.

A1 Community Works is part of the National Digital Inclusion Network and can provide free, friendly assistance.

"How to access free mobile data to gift to your community A1 Community Works is an organisation located near Bedale, North Yorkshire, that aims to assist people in accessing free mobile data in North Yorkshire. 


To obtain free mobile data for yourself or someone you know who requires assistance from the National Databank, follow these steps: If you are looking for free mobile data, A1 Community Works is a part of our National Digital Inclusion Network.


You can contact A1 for free and helpful assistance.

If you require help, please visit our website or call us at  01748 471 032

We will then explain the application procedure, ask for information to ensure you qualify and arrange the best way to receive your gifted SIM card. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to access free mobile data. 

Contact us today to see how we can help you or someone you know.


" to stay connected to the world."

Heritage Lottery Fund

The body which distributes a share of the income from the National Lottery to projects aimed at preserving and making accessible the nation's heritage.

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